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Loosing friendships

I’m not sure how to write this, but I’ve been really upset for the past few days. A very good friend of mine got married this weekend. Congratulations to them. I wish the couple a very good time together. My friend has worked vey hard and has gone through some very tough times to get to the fantastic situation they are in now.

I wish them the best of times.

I just don’t understand why I was not…

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PULP: I used to remember them.

PULP: I used to remember them.

I went down to see Pulp: life, death and supermarkets this evening. I was taken down by Mike, who suggested the film around a month ago.

Well it was unlike any other music documentary I’ve seen before.

Before I went I had a quick gander about the length on IMDB. (Ulcerative colitis is not great when going to a cinema so had to check the length). But I happened to notice that there were credits…

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Having a haircut in a local area.

Having a haircut in a local area.

Over the past few days here, wow it has been hot. OK hot in my terms, I’ve not been able to go outdoors without feeling sick for more than a few minutes.
I guess it comes with getting older that small things get more and more presient. So last week I had a shave. Just because of the lovely way that water seemed to avoid my mouth as I took a sip. Beards have an incredible way of diverting what you…

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When you loose ownership of the joke (Or did you ever have it)

When you loose ownership of the joke (Or did you ever have it)

There was a great article by Jeb Lund on the Grauniad yesterday about bad retweeting and bad reporting.

I saw it because of this tweet that obviously is subverting the headline.

RT @guardian: Manual retweets are self-promotion and Twitter embeds aren’t journalism< Can’t…

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Father’s Day. 15/06/14

Father’s Day. 15/06/14

Does anyone give a toss when ‘fathers day is mentioned’. Mother’s Day has been going on for flipping years. If you have a serious time when the genetics limit the time then why not buy a shed load of more cards.

Have you seen them, just have a look. There are a couple of people that keep me out, and I will give them a hug for letting me stay near to my midnight sleepy time.

I went out to the pub…

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Pubbing by numbers.

Haven’t done any drawing in flipping ages. So have – for a while – been easing myself back into it by, well, tracing pictures.

The initial idea for the series is ‘Painting Pubs by numbers’. So I’m doing all of the seven pubs in town to look like they’ve been well painted by numbers. So the title of the project is pretty self explanatory.

I started off by going round and taking some flat straight…

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