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When you loose ownership of the joke (Or did you ever have it)

When you loose ownership of the joke (Or did you ever have it)

There was a great article by Jeb Lund on the Grauniad yesterday about bad retweeting and bad reporting.

I saw it because of this tweet that obviously is subverting the headline.

RT @guardian: Manual retweets are self-promotion and Twitter embeds aren’t journalism< Can’t…

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Father’s Day. 15/06/14

Father’s Day. 15/06/14

Does anyone give a toss when ‘fathers day is mentioned’. Mother’s Day has been going on for flipping years. If you have a serious time when the genetics limit the time then why not buy a shed load of more cards.

Have you seen them, just have a look. There are a couple of people that keep me out, and I will give them a hug for letting me stay near to my midnight sleepy time.

I went out to the pub…

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Pubbing by numbers.

Haven’t done any drawing in flipping ages. So have – for a while – been easing myself back into it by, well, tracing pictures.

The initial idea for the series is ‘Painting Pubs by numbers’. So I’m doing all of the seven pubs in town to look like they’ve been well painted by numbers. So the title of the project is pretty self explanatory.

I started off by going round and taking some flat straight…

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Sleep. 13/06/14


Tonight begins a week of trying to get back into a sensible sleep pattern. Lying awake at 4AM is not the way forward. The picture above was taken at 4:30 from my bed. At this point in time I wanted to hang out the window and tell the entire dawn chorus to shut the hell up.

Dropping of between 4 and 5 in the morning is in no way productive and makes me pretty irritable and knackered all day. Any…

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Oh great, another sporting event.

Oh great, another sporting event.

has anyone actually taken a step back before and actually looked at football?  What a dull and pointless activity it is. 22 -usually blokes- on a big field kicking around a poorly treated inanimate ball of plastic. Will it go into a net? Who knows. Will the guy who has a job title like Left Back be able to cross it to the striker.…

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Going to the pub: the death of conversation. 11/06/14

Going to the pub: the death of conversation.


Ahh, look at this guy, just look. It is 10 pm on a Tuesday (yesterday) and he has brought his daughter to the pub. How great is that, a sign of the new. A sign that indicates an understanding of continental acceptance and -not to put a finer point on it – a bringing together of love and happiness.

It is almost as if Conchita upon winning the Eurovision Song Contest, decided that the whole of the…

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