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Engratiating yourself into the local clique: How my favourite pub became awful.

Engratiating yourself into the local clique: How my favourite pub became awful.

‘Like you’re customers’. Well it can be broadly said, that the new landlady of my old work place – The Blacks Head – has singularly not only failed to do this but has arrived with a grenade launcher and used it to blow any pieces of ‘local connections’ into tiny smithereens.

I take any local gossip with a pinch of salt, but “oh Lordy” the amount of bad vibes and outright disdain coming from…

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Ego googling.

If you’ve never heard of ego googling, try it now. Type in your own name and see what comes up. Get it now, ego googling. Because the phrase involves two things, 1) googling, and 2) having an ego.

Well as you obviously have guessed. I tried it. And don’t like the results.

Apparently I am a Samaritan. Bollocks. Yes I like to think I have done some good for people. But doing it for a religious…

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Being an inverse gooseberry.

Being an inverse gooseberry.

As far as I can remember I’ve never been a gooseberry on someone’s date. I have been a complete and utter intrusive arsehole on said encounters, where being told to piss off was the only sensible cause of action. But at least I can say I was never a gooseberry. Just a total git.

Recently though many people around me are in these long term relationships, some of them in something called marriage.…

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Loosing friendships

I’m not sure how to write this, but I’ve been really upset for the past few days. A very good friend of mine got married this weekend. Congratulations to them. I wish the couple a very good time together. My friend has worked vey hard and has gone through some very tough times to get to the fantastic situation they are in now.

I wish them the best of times.

I just don’t understand why I was not…

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PULP: I used to remember them.

PULP: I used to remember them.

I went down to see Pulp: life, death and supermarkets this evening. I was taken down by Mike, who suggested the film around a month ago.

Well it was unlike any other music documentary I’ve seen before.

Before I went I had a quick gander about the length on IMDB. (Ulcerative colitis is not great when going to a cinema so had to check the length). But I happened to notice that there were credits…

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Having a haircut in a local area.

Having a haircut in a local area.

Over the past few days here, wow it has been hot. OK hot in my terms, I’ve not been able to go outdoors without feeling sick for more than a few minutes.
I guess it comes with getting older that small things get more and more presient. So last week I had a shave. Just because of the lovely way that water seemed to avoid my mouth as I took a sip. Beards have an incredible way of diverting what you…

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